This three credit course in the Doctorate of Chinese Medicine program will analyze the classical medical text, The Shāng Hán Lùn (伤寒论 “Cold Damage Treatise”), originally part of the Shāng Hán Zá Bìng Lùn (伤寒杂病论 “Cold Damage and Miscellaneous Disease Treatise”) and one of the first to describe a system of pattern diagnosis designed specifically for herbal treatment. The Shāng Hán Lùn outlined six-stages of disease progression and articulated rules of herbal prescription for each stage. Today, the Shang Han Lun’s formulas are among the most frequently applied and clinically useful in modern practice. This class will cover the Shang Han Lun’s six-stage diagnostic and prognostic system as well as modern applications of its many formulas.