This class covers the study of Korean Hand Therapy (KHT), a micro-reflex acupuncture. It provides basic understanding of the theory of KHT, the correspondences between parts of the human body and points on hands, the location of key micromeridians and how to apply methods of micro-acupuncture treatment stimulation. This class will be an interactive handsoncourse. Pre-Requisite: Accessory Techniques; Acupuncture Point Location 1 and 2; Anatomy and Physiology 1 and 2; Chinese Medical Pathology 1 and 2; Diagnostic Analysis in Chinese Medicine; Medical Law and Ethics; Needling Anatomy; Needling Techniques 1 and 2; Pathophysiology 1 and 2; Pre-Clinical Skills, Clinical Expectations and Policies; Patient Assessment and Interactive Skills; Pre-Clinical Skills, Clinical Expectations and Policies; Western Medical Screening; passing cores on all pre-clinical entrance examinations; completion of 150 hours of observation Co-requisite: Student must have begun clinical internship.